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Is Self-Publishing the Right Choice for You?

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Are you trying to decide whether to submit your manuscript to a publisher or self-publish? Is working with established firms just a little too pricey for you to afford? As a publishing firm that employs self-published authors ourselves, we understand that an author needs all the options that they can acquire. So, here are five questions to ask yourself to decide if self-publishing is the right choice for you.

1. Can you afford a publishing contract?

This question might seem abrupt and insensitive, but it is something that is important to ask yourself. Many publishing contracts can cost from $300 to $2000, depending on how many benefits you want to buy. If you believe that this cost is much too large for you to afford, do not let that scare you away from making your literature public--use it as a springboard to launch your career as a self-published author.

2. Were you denied by a publisher?

It can be easy to think that just because a publisher denied your manuscript, that means that it isn't a good story. Remember, J. K. Rowling was rejected by twelve publishers before someone finally picked up her story and shared it with the world. Often times, all it takes is a lot of perseverance and a great amount of courage. If you are constantly being rejected, but you believe in your heart that your manuscript has what it takes to be great, then perhaps you can take things into your own hands and publish your story yourself.

3. Do you have a finished Manuscript?

It is critical that if you want to self-publish, you have a full manuscript that has been edited and revised by yourself and any trusted readers you can lend it to. Your story will have your name on it, so it is absolutely vital that you fine-tune it and remove as many typo's and awkwardly phrased sentences as possible. If you feel that this become too much of a hassle for you, feel free to look towards our consultation services that can aid you in knowing exactly what to change and how to change it.

4. Do you have experience self-publishing, or is it your first time?

If you have self-published before and are considering working with an actual publisher for other works, make sure that the contract you sign is a contract on the book, not on your name. This keeps your availability to self-publish more if you ever feel like it. However, if you do not have any idea on how to self-publish, you might want to consider either submitting your work to a publishing firm or connecting with one of our consultation services and learning more about the process. Before getting too deep into the details of editing and revising, you should have a basic knowledge of what self-publishing is, what its disadvantages are, and what its advantages are.

5. Is writing a hobby or a career?

The answer to this question can determine a lot about what path you choose to follow as a writer. If creating stories and writing books or poetry is something that is purely a hobby, then we would recommend self-publishing. However, if you are an individual that wants to spend the rest of their life writing, developing, and sharing stories with the public as a main source of income, then it is best to try and go through a publisher. This is mainly because the best marketing services you will receive come from established publishing firms, and it is in your best interest to take advantage of those services.

If you have any more questions pertaining self-publishing and manuscript editing, check out our services and consultations and see if what we offer sounds right for you!

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